We are 4 (not longer 2 :) friends with diverse backgrounds that got together to follow our passion of creating video games.
We share a love for good games and a curiosity for learning more about today technical magic.
Yes, we know we are dreamers, full of ideas, who seek to create meaningful experiences through our games.
We hope you will have fun as we do when we make them.


Why Adult Games?

You know the old saying? Sex drugs and rock n roll.
Well, that is not complete true for gamer in our games.
Its more like...

Sex drugs and consequences... and what we mean by that is...

If you find yourself alone, sitting in your room with a black screen on your face, do not be troubled.
For you are in Elysium, and you’re already dead!
What we do in the Game, Echoes In Eternity!

(Some borrowed lines from Gladiator, One of the best movies ever on our list.)