FFM, Some facts about the second Beta test who is going on right now. It started the 15th of July and will end Saturday the 24th of august, with the World Champions League Final at 20:00 CET.

157 player started from different parts of the world and where divided in 18 Country League. (don't say we don't leasing ;) Argentina, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Uruguay, Usa.

After todays round in WCL, there are only 8 teams left for the quarterfinals, which is now on Tuesday the 20th.

Team Name (League) - Manager (From)

Schalke 04 (Germany) - Miguel (Chile)

Shanghai SIPG (China) - Xia (China)

Spart Moscow (Russia) - Vlad (Russia)

Tottenham (England) - Anders (Sweden)

Honda (Japan) - Taichi (Japan)

Barcelona (Spain) - Alexis (Sweden)

Manchester United (England) - Paul (England)

Boca Juniors (Argentina) - Fernando (Argentina)


And the best scorer after today's matches.

FFM Goal Score


Rosa Martinez (Barcelona) 27 Goals

Li Na (Shanghai SIPG) 24 Goals

Hannah Becker (Schalke 04) 23 Goals

We wish all the teams that are still on the WCL, good luck.