cybernight fb

  • Single player
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
  • Developer: BluesNShadow
  • Release Date: Q2 2020
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • System: Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows


About The Game

I have try Rom as Hemingway use to drink it, but no, not really for me. I don't even like the taste of beer, don't take me wrong, a cold beer after a hour in the Sauna, in this world it isn't any thing better, but to go to a bar and just order a beer have never being it for me. I'm more a Mojito man, love the taste and a perfect ice breaker with women, well, to they understand that you can't dance anyway. Why do they always have to assume that? just for drinking Mojitos it don't make you a Salsa dancer?

”Good question, Very informative man, but are you sure you want to do this?” Say the guy in the Lab cote.

”How bad can it be?” you ask.

”Have you ever seen one of those advertisement for Cryo sleep on the TV?” he ask.

”Wish one? The one with the blonde or the brunette?” you say

”I prefer the one with the dark hair, of course, but this will not be the same you know” he say.

”But, is she beautiful?”

”Oh, they are, they always are... ” says the lab guy and push the last red button marked with, No Return.

”Oooh shhhiiiiiiittt... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...”

”Say goodbye to the now you know and say hello to Cryo Sleep for poor.”


In the hunt for a Criminal you decide instead of waiting for a court order, wish you knew after working more then 15 year on the force it will never come, to use all your savings and do a jump to 2061, well that was what you pay for any way...


Key Features

- Explore

- Missions

- Crafting

- Trade

- Trainable skills

- Romance


Mature Content Description

The Game contain content not appropriate for all ages and may not be appropriate for viewing at work: Nudity and Sexual Content, Violence and Bad Language, General Mature Content.